An out-of-the-box youth sport engagement application

Engage youth athletes directly through their mobile phone.

A youth centric content delivery tool

Create and share sport and fitness content with youth in a fun and interactive mobile ecosystem.

A customized application without the price tag

Give your athletes exclusive access to your content in a co-branded mobile application tailored to your organization.

Engage youth in sport and fitness

Get more kids active! will help your organization increase youth participation in sport, bolster athlete registration for leagues, camps, and events, and build the next generation of fans. This simple, co-branded solution, takes the content you’ve already invested in from the depths of your website where it gathers dust and puts it in a fun mobile experience that kids will actually want to use!

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You have great youth sports content; we have the platform to show it off.  Build and distribute training programs, assessments, challenges, and more with a few simple clicks. Youth athletes can interact with your content using augmented reality in an ecosystem tailor made to provide fun, educational, positive interactions with physical fitness and sport. Reach more kids and offer more opportunities for connection than ever before. Together we can build a stronger, healthier community.

STEP ONE: Create amazing content

Got great programs? Show off what makes your organization special. Use existing content or choose from catalogue of over 400+ unique challenges and exercises.

STEP TWO: Share your program

Share your programs and message directly with your athletes through your exclusive co-branded *room*. platform is easy to use and will make your content look great.

STEP THREE: Connect with athletes

Highlight special events and exciting offers in the news feed. Increase touchpoints with your audience to improve engagement and registration numbers.

It is better when everyone plays

Increase access to quality training programs and you’ll increase the length of a youth’s athletic career.

And what happens when you have more kids playing sports?

Better funded programs

When communities see a rise in athlete participation, sports institutions see a rise in funding. This means more locally run programs and more opportunities for participation.

More competitive play

More athletes means a more levelled playing field. When you have enough kids of varying skill levels participating, you create a more equitable environment that challenges and fosters growth.

Happier, healthier kids

We believe in the power of sport and the role that can play in the lives of today’s youth. That’s why we are committed to giving every child the chance to play by making development tools affordable and accessible.

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