A gamified community wellness platform your team will want to use!

Engage your people directly through their mobile phone.

Modernize communication and engagement with your community

Create and share fun and social content that gets your people moving.

A fully customized and white-labelled application without the price tag

Give your people exclusive access to content in a co-branded mobile application tailored to your organization.

Engage your community in wellness and movement

Communities are unique, and so is TheProgram.ai. Whether you are trying to engage your workforce, student body, fanbase, athletes, or the general public our, tool has the flexibility to help you make positive change in your community!

TheProgram.ai leverages gamification to help your organization increase participation in physical and mental wellness. This simple, co-branded solution, takes the content you’ve already invested in from the depths of your website where it gathers dust, and puts it in a fun and social mobile experience that people will actually want to use! Be part of our movement for movement, book a demo now!

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You have great physical and mental wellness content; we have the platform to show it off.  Build and distribute community engagement programs, individual exercises and training, team or group challenges, and more with a few simple clicks. You people can interact with your content using augmented reality in an ecosystem tailor made to provide fun, social, educational, positive interactions with physical and mental wellness content. Reach more staff or students, and offer more opportunities for connection than ever before. Together we can build a stronger, healthier community.

STEP ONE: Create amazing content

Got great programs? Show off what makes your organization special. Use existing content or choose from TheProgram.ai catalogue of over 400+ unique challenges and exercises.

STEP TWO: Share your content

Share your programs and message directly with your community through your exclusive co-branded *room*. TheProgram.ai platform is easy to use and will make your content look great.

STEP THREE: Connect with your people

Highlight special challenges, events and exciting offers in the news feed. Increase touchpoints with your users to improve engagement and overall activity.

It is better when everyone plays

Increase access to quality wellness and activity programs and you’ll increase people’s mental health and overall happiness.

Establishing a life-long relationship with wellness ensures that your users are…

This person is happy and feeling great after a workout

Happy and healthier

The more people move, the more they’ll be happier and healthier in their everyday life. We believe that making wellness programs fun and social will ensure ongoing engagement and continual movement of the mind and body. We call this a movement for movement.

Person checking in on the app after their workout

More engaged

Our platform is fun and social, and therefore ensures users are engaged with the activities, challenges, programs and people. Our platform has modernized the way organizations communicate with their people to ensure a high level of engagement.

Women working out and improving her health and wellness

It becomes a habit

Once a user is on our platform, is engaging with the content and and seeing results, it will become a habit and an important part of their daily lives. Making physical and mental activity accessible and fun ensures people keep moving – mentally and physically.

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